Monday, April 11, 2011

Special Order: Tree Forge

I have been finding that videos are a great way of letting people in to the process of making an enamel. Even after describing the progression people are often quite mystified as to how it all happens. This is  a symptom of an over-mechanized society where people are so removed from the source of things that they no loonger understand what a process is. 
An enamelist must understand process! Enamelling is a perfect balance between a scientific act and a creative act. The relationship of the molten glass to the hot metal is a relationship of physics - the more understanding you have of this aspect - the more control you will have of your firings. This understanding is also a balance between information (on molecular structure etc) and experience (making samples!) Having a clear vision of what enamel can do makes transfering that vision to the medium possible. Simply having an idea and trying to make enamel do what you want will only result in frustration! 

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