Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Etch Batch

I have done a post on production work before - but I find that stills often don' t do justice to the labour and care involved - so I decided to make a movie! This movie chronicles the first 4 days in the making of a champlevé  piece. I know people don't often believe me when I say it takes 5 days to make one piece - but it's true! After years of practice and trying lots of different methods - this one has proved to be the best and most reliable for me. 
Production work for me is very small batches - but it is still production. I feel that it actually improves the quality to do them this way, since spending all day at one task helps you to get really good at it! And that enables you to be more creative in the future!
And feel free to put any questions you might have in the comments - I will be sure to get to them! 

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