Saturday, January 24, 2009

Is Google Making us Stupid?

(Thanks to my friend Naka Ishi for posting this on her Facebook page)

Growing up in a world where Marshall McLuhan was a hero - I have always been interested in the effect of the computer on the way I think.

My discomfort led me, about a year ago, to severely limit my internet use. For me it wasn't a lack of concentration - but just a feeling of overload - like there were too many windows open in my brain.

Now, I don't have WiFi in my home or studio - 4 days a week I use the express computer at the library on my way to work - it cuts off after 15 minutes, so I have to get everything done in that time. It helps me focus! Two days a week I go to an internet cafe for an hour or two so I can write blogs, update my social networks, keep in touch with friends and generally take care of business.

It has been better! I feel more free to be myself. I feel like my brain is my own again.

And I think that's a good thing!

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